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Promoting excellence

The Business Schools Association of Canada (BSAC) is the association of university faculties and schools of business and management in Canada.

We are dedicated to working with our members toward achieving excellence in business education.

Our mission is to promote quality in management education and the professional development of business school administrators through various types of events, research and information services, and representation.

It was previously known, until June 30, 2020, as the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans (CFBSD) and was founded as the Canadian Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies in 1957.


Over twenty percent of university students in Canada study business and management.

Students acquire skills that allow them to have successful careers and make positive contributions to society and the economy.

Canadian Business Schools are known around the world for the high quality of the research they produce, for their outstanding innovations in teaching and their exceptional diversity in programmes, faculty and students.  

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BSAC offers a place for its members to showcase open academic positions in the fields of management education  within their institutions.

The list of  open positions our members are recruiting for  is  available here.

What we do

BSAC promotes management education and the professional development of members through conferences, research, information, networking and other services.

BSAC monitors public policy and international trends relevant to our industry. BSAC promotes members interests to government and other agencies in Canada and abroad.

Through continuing contact with media and other organisations, the BSAC serves as an information source on management education. 


BSAC regularly holds  events for Deans, Associate Deans, and other business school professionals as well as for our national and international partners.  Normally events are only open to members (regular and associate) or their delegates.

For a list of our upcoming and past events, click here.


Virtually all Canadian university schools of business and management are BSAC members.

Our membership also includes key international and national stakeholder associations working towards the development of management education in Canada and abroad.

To see the list of our members, click here.

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