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Future of Business Education Research Series - Indigenous Allyship in Canadian Business Schools

01 Jun 2022 10:00 AM | Pierre-Jean Darres (Administrator)

Within the context of the TRC’s call to actions and the recognition of the engagement gap that was outlined in the BSAC call for proposals, this research sought to co-create a comprehensive framework that business schools can use to enhance allyship and meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

The premise of this research is that for business schools to effectively collaborate with Indigenous partners and communities, they must first cultivate a strong ethos of Indigenous engagement and allyship on the inside, within their own institutions. This in turn is built on the assumption that an organization’s internal culture is imperative to its success in developing partnerships and stakeholder relationships.

This report outlines the multiple stages of the research project focused on allyship with Indigenous Peoples. It begins with a synthesis of the current literature on the topic followed by a summary of the methodology, specifically the implementation of sharing circles. The report then presents findings with insights from sharing circles with students, and faculty and staff, along with a co-created framework that highlights the convergence of thoughts between these sharing circle groups. Finally, key takeaways and recommended next steps for business schools are discussed, emphasizing the importance of true allyship to building effective relationships with Indigenous organizations and communities, with the goal of forming meaningfully engaged and mutually beneficial partnerships.

This study prepared by Maureen Bourassa, Dana Carriere, Marjorie Delbaere and Joelana Leader (Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan) with the collaboration of Lauren Aussant, Kayla Benoit, Dante Carter and Brooke Listwin (University of Saskatchewan), was supported by BSAC and funded through its grant competition program.

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